save me

from a life

without risks.


of cobwebs and doorframes

i waited for you

the night was young

and the moon

timid and shy

i wanted to share the view

with you


icy and vague

was the night sky

i drove past indifferent lights

fluorescents incandescents neons

lights faint and bright

this city’s soul



loved the city

lived the city



the wind and trees made love


almost too passionate

on the verge

enough to break


waiting’s a momentary bliss

dreams and nightmares

mingle dance twist


so i left the door ajar

moments passed

skies turned blue

cobwebs grew

as i waited for






And that’s why I have to go back
to so many places
there to find myself
and constantly examine myself
with no witness but the moon
and whistle with joy,
ambling over rocks and clods of earth,
with no task but to live,
with no family but the road.

– Pablo Neruda


i have travelled, but not much. i have lived, but not much either. perhaps because i always look back. somehow, my gravity has been the past, and pain has been my anchor. i’m not trying to sound emotional. no, far from it. in this, you must believe me. for i am now painlessly suffering from detachment.


i go on, i breathe, although i dare not say i live. but i go on; i float as i mindlessly follow my unfamiliar roads. i live. i love. but i don’t hurt. there must be something wrong, surely? or let me feel the dread instead. or hate. or torment. just let me feel anything at all.


shall i stop looking back then? must i actually start going back? to where it all began? or to where i started ending? and if so, shall i have the courage to actually examine myself beyond guilt, beyond doubt, beyond faith? in this battle of my self against myself, how shall I ever come out triumphant without also having to lose?



as if


i walk each day


as if you are my gravity
my sadness personified
depressing, intoxicating
fatally appealing


i lay still each night


as if you are my quietude
my bittersweet lullaby
flowing veils of forgetful dreams
reminiscent of sleep


i move my lips


as if you are my confession
my unfaithfulness and devotion
whispering sinful little prayers
to our consenting moons


if only to find that i exist


as if you are my being
my emptiness and essence
that even in your absence
we are present


’til the new moon unhides, in that, too


as if you are i
that whenever i am you are
that whoever i become
you have already known.


as clear, as brutal, as true.


happy birthday



tonight i cried. they came uninvited, there was no call. they came freely, like old friends on that most awaited ball. they came comfortably, cozy as brittle fires during fall. they came with authority, commanding without a speck of hesitation. they came – shameless and unbridled.

it was a trance. it was a homecoming. it was a resolution.

tonight i cried. and it felt good.



remember today

how i felt betrayed

and tired

and sick

and glad


to be



remember that day

the 13th of may



to be



so remember












a musky twilight dawned on me one day.

sitting at my desk, looking out the window, a soft breeze danced with the peeking leaves. outside, it was gray. distant buildings basked in an early morning veil. i could almost imagine the sweet suffocating smell of that cold rush, burning and awakening my skin in its restless slumber.

ah, nostalgia.

i have known many mornings like this, my nocturnal soul mourning the end of each night.

a book in one hand, clumsy fingers gripping its spine, clinging to that insufferable pain of stories unread and unfinished pages, of commas and ellipses for there were no blank spaces yet for periods and exclamations. Question marks perhaps, that stubborn ending which in its very presence actually denies the end.

the sun was almost rising then. coffee cups–always dependable companions throughout the mischievous fortress that was the night–sat beside me, as quiet as my soul, stains all over. something welled up within, almost to the brink, and as hollow as these emptied crucibles was my being.

alas, this morning, in all of its glory, came the periods and exclamations, and question marks still.

a musky twilight–thick, stifling and unforgiving–came down on my soul at daybreak. it came slowly, but not as gently as the rising sun, the awakening that the soul which used to mourn those morns was already gone.